Trust Your Gut...

The following are red flag alerts from some PON breeders when looking for PON puppies .You should proceed with all caution when picking the correct Polish Lowland Sheepdog breeder. any red flag alert from some PON breeders should not be ignored. PON puppies are not a breed for everyone nor are some PON breeders, and if you begin to feel uncomfortable or feel that something is not quite right, trust your intuition because it probably is not. Make more phone calls to other PON breeders before making any decisions about the breed or buying a puppy. There is certainly no rush when you are making a 12-15 year or more investment......the average age to which Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies live. The same is true if you are thinking about an older Polish Lowland Sheepdog.  Just remember, a red flag alert may mean something is not you own intuition. 


1  Who discourage or do not allow you to visit their home or kennel or meet their own PONs.

2.  Do not seem as interested in meeting you as you are meeting them

3.  Pressure you to try and buy a puppy , especially if you are just beginning and learning to look and learn about the breed

4.  Has puppies that don't in a short time seem to warm up to you or appear to be friendly (They may be initially a little stand-offish)

5.  Who don't have your paperwork ready when you get your puppy.  AKC recommends you get registration papers at the time of sale and they be completely filled out..  You should also receive a contract and a three to five generation pedigree.

6.  Spend time degrading other breeders  or discourage you from contacting other breeders

7. Are not willing to discuss possible health issues in the breed or in their own PONs in particular

8.  Are unwilling to give you the name(s) of other reliable  breeders as well as referrals to other reliable breeders  who already have puppies 

9.  Don't seem that interested in you, your family, and your lifestyle 

10. Show no interest in matching you to the puppy with the correct temperament for you 

11. Do not explain that color and markings may not be the most important aspect in choosing a puppy that's right for you

12. Will sell you a puppy and should you decide to breed expect to get another puppy in return. You really would be paying for two pups and  only getting one

13. Will insist on co-owning a puppy with no opportunity to change that status.  There are many ramnifications and legalities when co-ownership is involved so talk to people and make sure you understand them  before you agree to co-own

14. Try to push you into showing or some other activity when all you want is a pet

15. You do NOT feel comfortable with.  There may be time when you need advice or assitance  and it is important you receive it.  You  may want to receive referrals and before if the tendency is for those who tend to oversell. 

NOTE: Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies or adults should not be sold on line or in pet stores.  You want a PON that is mentally stable and many dogs found in those places are neither stable nor healthy.  Visit your possible breeder in their place if at all possible.  Many conversations with pros and cons should be discussed  with any particular breeder.Make sure you ask and receive the correct answers before making any commitment. The AKC is considered to be the registry for the breed.   BOTTOM LINE:  DO NOT IGNORE ANY  RED FLAG ALERT  AND DO TRUST YOUR INTUITION WHEN SHOPPING FOR PON PUPPIES.