PON puppies, also known as the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, or the Polski Owczarek Nizinny in  Europe,  will  more than likely become in a few weeks observant, curious, intelligent, stubborn, manipulative mischievious, loyal, clownish intuitive ,sometimes a challenge , and most of all very loving. 

This website is designed as a PON Puppy Buyers Guide for this breed, part of it is for anyone looking for a new pup  

It's a great breed for those who can say no and who can take the lead as to what puppies should or should not be doing.  The owner must take control from the beginning, even if these are cute little balls of fur which they are.  With proper TRAINING  (FAIR, FIRM, CONSISTENT AND POSITIVE) and GOOD SOCIALIZATION,  these  PON puppies  become  great family pets and great companions who can do just about everything.  They need a medium amount of exercise, adapt to just about any living situation, and will become your very best friend(s) for life.  They are a herding dog and love herding you and even their toys.  Before buying either a PON puppy or an adult there are several things you should know and several hints as to how to make life easier for you and your new friend. 

Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON puppies) do not always remain the same color all their lives...ADVICE....NEVER choose a puppy for its color.    The webmaster who has owned these six. has seen black puppies, while unusual, turn white.These are the same PONs as puppies and adults and this site is dedicated to Korby who is not pictured and from top to bottom Cas, Klusa. Czeki, Bozo , Tuchi, and Shadow.   


From  puppy to   Adult

Buyers Guide--Training

SKC Ch Europa Casimer z Elzbieta

First U.S. Champion in Confomation and Obedience

Cas was a very special PON. He is pictured above as a young puppy who was extremely sweet and lovableand was from a great breeder.  However, there is much more to his story. He went to a home where he was neglected. Left untrained and unsocialized he became very aggressive , flea infested , weak and more. His road to recovery was a long one but one of the good stories.  Thank goodness his  breeder had given what he needed as a pup.

WHY HIS STORY HERE?  It is important whether getting a puppy or an adult that you ask and are asked the right questions.  It is important to make sure that both this breed and the breeder are right for you.  Cas was 14 months when he was rescued.  He took a lot of work and a lot of time.  Make sure you have both the time and the energy for a pupppy or an adult.  Also make sure you ask and are asked the right questions....and thus this site, It  will help you with your decision. Thus it serves well as a puppy buyers guide for any breed.

Is the time right for you to get a dog?  Do you have the time to do proper training and the time to socialize?  Are you ready to make a commitment to the life of the dog. If not, you should decide against it for now. 

NOTE:  This site is sponsored by the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association--APLSA. While it is designed as  PON puppy buyers guide it is  not established to sell you a puppy but to provide you with information to help you decide if the breed is for you and how to go about obtaining a good pup and breeder.  It also provides much information about taking care of your puppy after your purchase. Read and learn!  TO LEARN EVEN MORE VISIT AND JOIN THE


This site is dedicated to the late dogs of Shaggi PONs who are so missed each and every day.  Shaggi PONs was established in 1985 and now   asks you to check out the APLSA--better known as the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association. You will learn more about the breed and have the opportunity to join others who truly care about the future of the b reed.  Click here to learn more about  APLSA

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