Herding and Obedience


The Polish Lowland Sheepdog first and foremost is known to be both a protector and a herder. A such it  is only one of the many actiivities for a PON.  Obedience is something that will make every PON a better dog even if you do nothing else

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a natural . There are still about 80% of them that have a natural ability.  Put them into a ring with geese or sheep or even goats and all of a sudden they just know what to do.   We have been told that to keep this natural ability it is important to continue using them in some form of herding capacity.  This is an area you may certainly want explore further.


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Whether interested in tests or trials, you will soon find yourself involved . THe PON wants to herd.  PON breeders will tell you they herd everything:  you, your family including the kids, their friends, other animals, their toys, etc.  It will often become obvious when a young puppy begins to nip at your heels or tries to force you and another person to walk closer together.  You may find all the toys in one pile.  It is natural for so many of them.

There is a group of people who have taken a real interest in this  PON activity  and you could become one of them.  The AKC states, "The purpose of non-competitive herding tests is to offer breed owners a standardized gauge by which a dog's basic instinct and trainability are measured. 

"The purpose of the competitive  trial program is to preserve and develop the  skills inherent in the  breeds and to demonstrate that they can perform the useful functions for which they were originally bred  Although  trials are artificial similations of pastoral or farm sitiuations, they are standardized test to measure and develop the characteristics of the Polish breed."

There is more than one style  and each PON may show his own unique style. Find a test or trial and you just might be hooked.  If this is an interest  you have and you would like to help perserve the Polish Lowland Sheepdogs' natural ability.  For more information

AKC Herding


Why do obedience?  THe AKC states the following reasons and all of them will make for a better Polish Lowland Sheepdog. 

1. "Help correct nuisancee behaviors such as jumping on people, digging, barking, and chewing while providing mental and physical activiaties for your dog.

2.  Deepen the bond between you and your dog and increase the enjoyment, companionship, and satisfaction of your relationship with your dog.

3.  Ensure your dog's safety and happiness.

4.  Nurture  good canine companionship  for the benefit of your family, neighborhood, and community.

5.  Allow you to enjoy the fun and excitement of competing in AKC obedience, tracking, and agility trials, among other activities.  You and your dog can earn certificates and titles while you continue to strengthen you communication and teamwork."

It is highly recommended  that at a minimum you attend a puppy class.  It will definitely strengthen the bond between you and your puppy and will help establish you as the leader.  You probably can find out where they are held from your local AKC club, the library, the local humane society, newpapers, or the link below.  PONs require a great deal of socialization and this iis one of the best ways to get both you and the pup off to a great start!

So what is a Puppy Class?  AKC says, "It is a developmental training course for the 3-5 month old puppy.  A puppy class  emphasizes  socialization  with people and other puppies.  Instructors usually offer information on growth, nutrition, grooming, housebreaking, and problem-solving and teach basic household commands."

A basic class is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  by most PON breeders. WHAT IS IT? It is a basic training course for dogs 5-6 months old and older, aimed at training you to train your dog.  The basic class emphasizes  the essential training commands needed to make a dog a good companion: heel on leash, sit, stand, down, stay in position, and come when called.  Instructors also usually provide information on nutrition, grooming, and problem solving, " IT is the perfect class for your PONs following puppy class.

If you enjoy building a one-on-one relationship with your PON you should take additional classes or even go on to compete.  Toe learn more in addition to the above suggestions check what is available in your area

AKC Obedience Website

Before beginning any class or activity with you PON you might want to check the AKC website to see what classes and training AKC has available in your area....    AKC TRAINING CLUBS