Good  Breeders Will...

1.  Invite you into their home or kennel to observe how their Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies and/or adults live.  You meet the puppies and parent(s) of your potential puppy , see their health records from a verified vet, and get a chance to get a feel for the life of the breeder. 

2   Ask many questions about your lifestyle.  Is now the right time for you to buy a Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppy?  Do you have a good place to raise a puppy and many more...see th list on the next page.

3.  Expect you to ask many questions and when you do they will be answered in a straight forward, honest manner.  PON breeders will recognize you as a good potential home when you show you have  done your research, learning about the breed from various sources including other PON breeders.

4.  Have multiple contacts with you before selling you a puppy either by phone, email, and/or in person.  There should be no pressure to make any decision on your part or their part to sell you a puppy.  They may not have any PON puppies and may be willing to put you on a waiting list  Good PON breeders want to know you as muc as you want to know them

5.  Have Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies which are well socialized and friendly  PONs tend by their standard to be stand-offish with strangers, but ignore them and they should warm up to you very quickly.

6.Show an interest in you and your puppy and will keep in contact with you being willing to help with any behavior and/or health problems should they arise.

7. Good breeders will explain the paper work in detail and it should be provided upon picking up your puppy.  There may be some terms new to you and they should be  honestly and fully explained.

        a.  AKC registration papers fully filled out with the correct information (AKC strongly

              recommends  you do not accept a promise to get them later.  They may or may not

              allow breeding but a contract can clariy the situation.

         b.  A contract  clearly explaining the terms between you the buyer and the seller.This

               should  include the  1)Breed and puppy color 2) Date of the birth of the puppy  3)Name

               and address of the breeder   4)  Registered names and numbers of the Pon's sire and dam 

               5) Date of    purchase by the buyer  6)Name and address of the buyer  7) Any breeding , 
                    health, return policy, etc., agreed to by both parties of a signed contract.

           c. Three to five generation pedigree

8.  Have  puppies that seem to be fun,secure, used to various sounds and noises...will be well socialized and are obviously used to and comfortable with being handled.  This is part of early socialization.

9.NOT spend time degrading any other breeder but will leave you feeling good about them and their own  puppies.

10. Be knowledgable about breeding and breeding practices...will be willing to help you when and if you have a PON with unlimited registration with AKC and decide it is time for you to learn more about breeding Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. 

11.  Have their puppies carefully checked by a vet before you receive them, and will have had its first shot(s)  depending upon the PON's age.  PON breeders should receive a copy of the records as well as the name and a contact number for the vet.  In addition, they will advise you about what to feed and when, exercise, potty and lead training, and much more. You should receive a packet of materials to help you do all these things and more. You should also receive water and food with instructions  on how to gradually change them from the old environment to the new.

12.  Try to match the temperament of the puppy to you and your situation.  A decision to get a puppy should not be based alone on color, sex, markings, activity level, etc., but should utilize the expertise of the PON breeder to match  your situation and the personality of  the pup as each pup develops its own unique personality.

13.  Want to have you pick up your puppy at their kennel or home if at all possible,  The best breeders  want to know their "baby" is going to a great home and meeting you is part of the process,

14.  Tell you both the pros and cons of owning one of their  puppies and will help you decide if the breed is right for you.  They will also be very honest  about the positive and negative  traits of their own puppies,

15,  Be honest and open about an and all health issues in the breed, and will be specifically honest about their own dog's offspring.  PON breeders should be willing to talk about any possible problems in the breed.

16,  Encourage you to speak with other PON breeders  The more information you can gather before making a final decision is certainly to your benefit.  Trust yourself and if something does not seem quite right when you speak to certain people, so, do your homework.Buying a PON should be a lifetime decision and one which will require you to keep the PON an average of at least 12-15 yrs.

17.  Provide a healthy space for their PONs to live in. Good breeders  will have a proper place to let their pups run and get exercise. They will not be confined to a cage or crate for the majority of the day.

18,  Good breeders will discuss openly and honestly with you the cost of keeping a PON for a month? A year? A lifetime?  And they will make you aware  that emergencies arise and that sometimes they are expensive. 

While written mainly for puppy buyers, remember many also apply if you are purchasing or rescuing an older male or female.