Good Breeders Ask

Below is a long list of questions , many of which a good breederd ask in order to know if their puppy is going to a good home.  If you are buying a pup, you should expect to be asked many of these questions.  You need to know your breeder cares about the puppies. 

1.  Good breeders ask where did did you learn about the PON puppy (Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies)?  Who in the family wants the PON and who does not?

2.  Who lives in your home?  Any children?  Their ages? Are they gentle or rough with animals?

3.  Do you have a private home?  Condo?  Apartment?  Etc.  Are pets allowed?   Does it have a dog yard?  Describe the neighborhood.

4.  Is the yard fenced?  If not, would you consider fencing, an invisible fence, or free standing kennel?  Do you know the pros and cons of each?

5.  How and where would you exercise a puppy?  Are you aware puppies are like babies. and need down-rest time?  Need to take shorter walks to longer ones as they get older?

6.  Do you have a second home?  Boat? Plane? Pool?   Do you know how to make pup's  safe if  any of these conditions exist?

7.  Good breedes ask did you have pets as a child?  If yes, what?  If no, why?

8.  Have you previously owned  other pets?    What happened to those previously owned?  Do your pets move if you move?

9.  Do you presently have any other pets?  If so, what?  How old are they?  Are they good with other animals?

10. Who will and where do you plan to feed the pup?  What?  When?  WIll water always be available?

11.  Who will be training the puppy?  Have you ever had and trained a puppy?  Are you willing to go to puppy kindergarten and other obedience classes?  What , if anything do you know about training Polish Lowland Sheepdog pups?

12.  Who will clean up after the puppy?  His home?  Its waste?  Where will it go?

13.  What do you know about socialization of a PON puppy?  PON puppies require a lot of socialization.  How will you do it?  When and where?

14.  What is your work schedule?  Will someone be home to attend  to the puppy when you are gone?  Will someone be with the puppy when he arrives?

15.  Where will you puppy sleep?  Will you be able to provide a regular schedule?

16.  How do you feel about crating?  Do you know how to crate train and when to use it?

17.  How might a herding breed  be different from any other?  Are you willing to be herded?  Put up with toys that are herdered?  Other animals and kids being herded?  This requires training.

18.  What in particular interested you about the breed?  What have you been told by other Polislh Lowland Sheepdog breeders about the  breed?

19.  Good breeders ask what are you looking for in a PON puppy?  An adult dog?  Your perfect dog?

20.  Have you  considered breeding?  Showing?  Doing any other activity with your puppy?  Adult?  Do you know what is available?  Why or why not?

21.  Are you interested in other dog activities such as obedience, flyball, dance, agility, rally, barn hunt, tracking, etc.  Do  you know what these are?

22,  What arrangements have you made for your pets should anything happen to you?

23.  What interest you most about this breed?

24.  Are you prepared to deal with a coat that needs a lot of brushing and grooming?  Do you have any grooming experience?  Would you cut down the coat if necessary?

25.  What is most important to you in choosing a puppy?

26.  Do you already have a vet?  How do you feel and what do you know about vaccinations?

27.  Can you say no and mean it or are you a real softy?  Can you hold your ground should this adorable, cute, fuzzy puppy challenge you?

28.  Are you willing to sit down with your family before getting the pup and making up a list of rules the whole family will follow. In addition a consistency in commands such as sit, stay, etc?

29.  Do you have allergies?  If so, to what?  Will a dog bother you?

30.  How long have you lived at your present address?  How often do you move?  Do you take your pets? Would you  consider moving to a place that does not take pets?

31.  Would you join APLSA (American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association) for at least a year to learn more about the breed and have contact with other members?  Do you have any skills you culd offer?

32.  Are there any other PONs' in your town?  Do you know any other PON owners?   Have you spoken to any other breeders?   Any questions as a result of speaking to these people?

33.  What are some of the household rules you might enforce?  Have you ever considered petting as quiet time along with snuggling   while running , wrestling, playing are outdoor activities?

34.  Will the puppy have limited space initially?    Eventually full run of the house?

35.  What do you expect from your breeder?   Are you willing to stay in touch?  What other questions do you have?  What do you think the drawbacks to the breed might be for you?

36.  Good breeders ask do you have any other questions or concerns about the Polish Lowland Sheepdog?


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