Ask the Breeder...

Not only do you want the right puppy, you want the correct breeder.  You want someone who will be there to help you and answer any questions you might have...not someone that sells you a puppy and that's it.  There are several questions you should ask the breeder.Trust yourself as you get the answers.  Breeders of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs  should be positive, straightforward and honest. If a red flag goes up take that into serious consideration. Speak to several breeders.  Sometimes being on a waiting list is better than taking a puppy you feel pushed into taking . What ever you do, the time to ask the breeder is before you buy or commit to a puppy. 

1,  Can I come visit your home and/or kennel to meet with you, meet your PONs and puppies, and ask several questions I have.  It is recommended you ask this even if you cannot do it. Good breeders will welcome you.  They want to know you as much as you want to know them.

2.  How long have you been breeding?  Where and how did you learn and get your experience?  Have you owned or bred any other breed?

3.  How many Polish Lowland Sheepdogs do you own?  Males? Females?  Ages?

4.  Where do you keep your PONs? Your PON puppies?  During the day?  During the evening?

5.  What do you do to socialize your puppies and your adults?

6.  How many litters of puppies do you have a year?  How often do you breed your females? How many pups have you produced?

7.  Could I see the health and vaccination certificates and/or titers of both puppy parents?  OFA Eye Certification?  OFA or Penn Hip?  PRA results?   Are you on the APLSA list of reliable breeders? If not, why not?

8.  What is your health guarantee?  What does it say in your contract?  How does this compare to other PON breeders?

9.  What and when do you feed your Polish Lowland Sheepdog?  KIbble? Canned?  Raw?  Why?  Do I have to do the same thing if I choose not to?

10.  Do you show your PONs in conformation or do any other activities such as  obedience, flyball, agility, rally, dance,etc.?  How well do PONs do in these activities?   Where are your PONs trained and socialized?

11.If for some reason I cannot keep my PONs, what is your policy  on taking them back or finding them a new home?

12.  Do you have a contract?  What does it include?  Could I see a copy of it before making my decision?

13.  Are you a member in good standing in any dog clubs?  Why or why not?

14.  Are you on a breeder's list?  Could I have a copy of the contract you must sign and agree to in order to be on the list?

15.  Do you vaccinate your adult PONs?  PON puppies?  Why or why not? How often?

16.  What are the health problems in the  Polish Lowland Sheepdog breed?  What health issues, if any, have you had with your PONs?

17.  Do your PONs meet the breed standard and all the required health standards?

18.  What does limited and unlimited registration mean?  WIll my puppy be limited or unlimited?  Could this be changed by you at a later date?  Are you willing to put this in writing?

19.  What is a spay-neuter contract?  Is this part of your contract?

20.  What do I have to do if I decide I want to breed or show?  Where can I get help?

21.  Is it in your contract that you are available  with advice and support for any behavior or health problems that may occur?

22.  Have you won any awards or titles with your PONs?  Do you attend the national specialty for this breed?  Why or why not?

23. What does the standard mean?  What does it tell me?  Do you have a copy of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog I can see or have or tell me where I can find it?

24.  If I decide I want one of your PON puppies what is the procedure?

25.  At what age do you let your puppies go to their new homes?   (The APLSA Code of Ethics recommends not before 8 weeks).  What is your policy on shipping a puppy?  Is there any reason I cannot pick it up at your home?

26.  Who else can I contact to learn more about this breed?   Are there other breeders you recommend I should contact just to learn more about the breed?

27.  Do you recommend spaying and neutering?  When should this be done?  Do own any such PONs?  What is the difference between spaying and neutering?

28.  On scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) ,  how good a breeder do you think you are?  Do you consider yourself an expert?  Why or why not?

29.  What are some of the problem I might face with a PON?  What will be the challenges?  Is the breed intelligent?

30.  How are Polish Lowland Sheepdogs with children?  Other animals?  With another dog of the same sex that I already have?

31.  What does socialization mean?  What do I need to do to properly socialize my puppy?  

32.  What king of training do you recommend?  Private classes?   Group classes?   Puppy kindergarten?  Training at home, etc.?

33.  You should ask the breeder why the PON did not seem friendly when you came  ?  Is this normal?

34.  What do you recommend when no one will be home all day because of work?

35.  Do you recommend crate training for PON puppies?  When?  For how long?   How long should  Polish Lowland Sheepdogs   be crated?

36.  How much exercise does the breed require? What do I need to do to make sure my PON gets enough exercise?

37.  If I buy a puppy when will I receive my AKC papers, my contract, my pedigree?  (AKC says do not accept promises of later for AKC papers and it recommends you get them at the time of the sale,)    You must be given the breed, the sex, the color, date of birth,i registered names of the puppy's sire and dam, name and address of the breeder, date of purchase by the buyer?

38.  Can I get paper to join clubs with other PON members such as the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association known as APLSA?  Are there other people in my  area who own a PON

39.  What other questions should I ask the breeder?  If I am still not sure whether this is the breed for me, who would you recommend I speak with about the breed and why this person?

40.  Any other questions that are important to you?