"Learn before you leap"



Click the PDF above to reach a special document on some suggestions for your new puppy when you first get it home.


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AKC Standard

call your puppy to you and punish him/her.  They will very quickly learn NOT to come to you. Go and get them if need be---but ALWAYS reward them with a hug and a welcome when they come to you whether you call them or they just come to you.  A treat once in awhile does not hurt either.  Ask yourself, would you walk into a situation where you knew you were going to be punished?


Socialization  is the most important thing that your PON breeders should talk about when they speak about Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies.  How your Pon Puppy will turn out  is dependent upon the amount of time you spend training and socializing. PON breeders should begin this process long before you meet a potential puppy.   Simply put SOCIALIZATION is introducing and helping your puppy become accustomed to new places, sounds, experiences, and his new home.  It is helping him to adjust to his life physically and mentally.  It is essential! PON breeders understand socialization and  feel free to ask them for suggestions. If you do not have time to socialize then a PON puppy is not for you. To learn how important click on PDF for "The Magic Pill" which is re-printed with the permission of Dr. Lisa Radosta.


Socialization should begin with the PON breeders and the young Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies.   Handling and new experiences begin  with the whelping box and should continue with handling and new experiences being introduced by your breeder. Ask your breeder what they have done to help introduce their PON puppies to new experiences. Once home sit down with your family/friends and brainstorm other ideas .  Below are a few suggestions:

1.  Introduce new people  (1-2) at a time...with

     different  voices, sex,sunglasses, hats, etc.

     Ask your PON breeder  if their PON puppies

     have met lots of people

2.  Children of all ages--a few at a time.  Do

     not overstimulate which will be shown by

     pacing or urinating...keep the play times

     short--it is recommended quiet pet time

     indoors and rougher play outdoors

3.  Other dogs and animals--which are

     vaccinated and not aggressive, but are of

     other sexes, sizes, looks, etc.

4.  Shopping--pet stores and other businesses

     that allow pets, elevators, mall sidewalks,

     shopping carts, elevators, people who will

     provide treats (which you give to them) Pon

     breeders have long known this  trick. 

5.  Places and textures--different floor

     coverings, ball games, playgrounds, nursery

     schools, parks, trails, gravel, sand,pavement

     (beware of heat in summer), water,snow,

      etc. provide not only learning experiences

      for Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies

      but provide stimulation for their growing


6.  Boarding/grooming--short periods of time

     for Pon puppies  at friends or kennel, or at

     groomers for a very positive fun experience

7.  Car riding...short periods of time using crate

     or puppy seat belt--may get dramamine

      instructions from vet to use first few times if

      necessary; make positive.  Most

      Polish Lowland Sheepdogs learn to love to


8.  Sights--balloons, bikes, motorcycles,

      mirrors, mops, umbrellas, etc.--Sometimes

      it is fun just to watch  PON puppies learn

      about different sights    

9.  Different smells--avoid toxic yard plants

     with your young PON puppy.  They don't

     know safe from unsafe.

10.Play toys--plastic jugs, nylabones, ice

     cubes (good for teething),squeaker toys and

     tennis balls with supervision make great new

     experiences for PON puppies.

11. Handle whole puppy---ears, mouth, feet,

      tummy, etc. Never let your Polish Lowland

      Sheepdog take charge, but remember you

      must remain calm and positive

12. Sounds--thunder(do not baby), phones,

      doorbell,  washer and dryer, various music,

      siren, bathwater  running, toilet

      flushing, blenders, vacuum cleaners,

      alarm clocks, lawn mowers, etc.