Back in late October of 2012 Shadow and his owner were  asked to write an article about the PONs (Polish Lowland Sheepdog) for  Meet the Breed  in the very prestigeous  SHOWSIGHT The Dog Show Magazine because we were a featured breed.    That article, which was to be geared to the potential PON owner, was published in the November, 2012, issue of the magazine along with another article about the PONS from a judge's perspective.  It is with Showsight's permission that I now present to you in a PDF file that article exactly as it appeared in the magazine. No copies of this article may be made without permission of the author as it is copyrighted. 


Remember the article is copyrighted and cannot be published or copied in any form without the author's permission.   I had fun writing it and want to thank all the people who sent pictures, particularly those  who sent pictures made in the final cut by Showsight.  I especially want to thank AJ and the other people who have helped me make this article available. 

Hi!  My name is Shadow and I told my story in Showsight the Dog Show Magazine. I wrote the article for PON owners.  Some
PON owners  are breeders . Some of these Polish Lowland Sheepdog  breeders are interested in what I had to say about the standard; what a PON should look like and what a PLS should be bred to do.  Other Polish Lowland Sheepdog  are owners who  never intend to breed. They are more interested in what it is like to be just a member of the family, one of the "kids". Then again there are the PON owners who wants to know more about the history of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog so I put some information in for them as well .  All in all I think for a first time published writer, I did a pretty good story about the breed.  For this reason I'd like you to be sure and read Showsight the Dog Show Magazine from 2012, the year we were the featured breed.