The Polish Lowland Sheepdog above (PON) is in full puppy coat.   As you can see by the picture on  the right even a full coated PON does not look heavy if the coat is removed.  Some people choose to keep the coat long while others keep it in between the two PON pictures shown.  The pictures are of the very same dog.
Note:  Some PON breeders prefer you keep your coat long.  Others do not care as long as the dog is kept clean and cared for.  It will be your decision  if you own the PON...with co-ownership it may be a little more complicated.  So check with the PON breeders as you speak to them about this issue.


Grooming on a regular basis is a requirement for the PON.  The Polish Lowland Sheepdog coat is doublecoated and is considered a non -shedder.  It  consist of a courser top coat and a more wooly undercoat.  Grooming requires a complete brushing at least once a week.   Some people do keep their Polish Lowland Sheepdog cut back to a shorter length, but if you plan to show the dog must be shown in full coat.   It is important to keep you PON's coat clean and up to date or you will end up with a tangled mess.  This means regular bathing at least every 4-6 weeks and one or two good line brushings each week.  Just brushing the top coat will not work.


If you plan to show your PON should be shown in a natural coat, with no trimming.  It means your PON should be clean, well brushed out, not trimmed or sculpted in any way.  As previously stated the coat will have two distinct layers and it is important to keep the undercoat in tact, not removing too much of it when de-matting.  


The two most important tools are a pin brush (without knobs on the end) and a wide tooth comb.  It is best to speak to your breeder about coat upkeep.  Each breeder seems to have specific tools which work for them.  Above are a few tools used from time to time, but there are others.  Grooming is essential if you do not plan to cut your PON down.

Katja Jasica, who is a breeder in Belgium, has made a very good   you tube video on how to line brush your PON.    You have to get down to the base of the hair to prevent mats.  To see the video